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    ❤ Bianca loves getting to know her clients and has embraced the lifestyle of a Hamburg escort. “One of the first things you learn in this business is that they aren’t all alike. I mean escorts. Hamburg or otherwise, they’re not all cut out from the same cloth, you know? Some girls can’t hold up to it. They’re just not built that way. A girl has to have the stamina to be in this game. ❤ It sounds like something fun at first, when they tell you, hey, your job is going to be going out with new people every night, having fun, partying down. Most women would jump at the chance to make nightly partying their job, right? But after a while, it will wear you down if you’re not cut out for it. If you lack the natural stamina, it will start to turn you out.” ❤ Bianca goes on, “To give your client the best experience possible means you can’t short any one of them. You’ve got to be as fresh and sexy and ready to go the first night of the month as the last. So you’ve got to be able to keep up the pace. And to me, because that’s part of who I am, that’s just a challenge I’m willing to embrace. I enjoy it so much. Meeting interesting new people, adapting to whatever situation is in front of me, and just having the time of my life all the time. Not a lot of women can say that their job is partying. ❤ That’s what I get out of being an escort. Hamburg is my city of choice and it’s the most incredible place to be. You couldn’t ask for anything more. I can’t imagine life behind a desk. I live my life completely.” ❤

    1 – hour: € 200.-
    2 – hours: € 350.-
    3 – hours: € 500.-
    6 – hours: € 800.-
    12 – hours: € 1.200.-
    24 – hours: € 1.800.-